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What are the skills of LED lamp wiring?

1. The LED light strip shall be installed at the metal edge as far as possible. It is a character with small strokes. It shall be installed at the tip of the stroke, so as to make the font light more evenly and avoid the problem of dark thin strokes.
2. In addition to using its own back glue to stand firm, LED lamps also need to be fixed with acid glass glue, because long-term high temperature will easily cause the back glue to lose its viscosity and LED lamps to fall off.
3. Another point needs to be emphasized is that the quality of the lamp itself is fundamental. Therefore, before selecting the lamp, you should check the relevant inspection certificate of the other company. LED lamps used by Guangmei logo have been inspected and tested for many times. The manufacturer has cooperated with the supplier for a long time and have qualified quality inspection certificates for long-term use by customers.
LED lamps are not only green and environment-friendly, but also energy-saving. In addition, the choice of power and size can also take into account the needs of friends in different fields. The manufacturer can meet the basic situation of lighting. However, the later stage of LED lamps may be caused by fault problems and a series of annoyances, many of which are caused by poor technical operation during the early wiring installation.
Therefore, the above article has revealed the methods and steps of led lamp wiring for everyone, so that in-depth study can help manufacturers reduce unnecessary troubles, and the value and use value of the product itself.